CCTV Strikes Again

This is yet another case where CCTV footage is being used to hunt down a dangerous criminal caught on tape. This time, the criminal was a robber of a local convenient store in Hadley, United Kingdom. Store owner and manager Muhammad Shabbir was threatened with an eight-inch knife before being beaten with a baseball bat in an attempt to rob the store of its money.

Do CCTV Cameras Make Cities Really Safe?

When I am at work, I worry incessantly about my daughter left alone at home with a nanny. I can perhaps install a CCTV at home to watch over her but that may not be a practical solution as I cannot be glued to the monitor while I am at work. But it would be great if I could receive an alert each time she moved close to an electric switch or the cooking range or wandered onto the balcony. I could t...

No handcuffs, no CCTVs

How an understaffed team and poor security at the sessions court allowed alleged Indian Mujahideen terrorist Afzal Usmani to escape from under their noses. Unshackled, and with fewer than two cops per suspect, which is the general practice, eight of the 23 men accused of being members of Indian Mujahideen arrived at the sessions court from Taloja jail in Navi Mumbai at 1.15 pm yesterday. This, c...