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New Delhi: Adoption of Internet of Things (IoT), which provides the core tools to automate data collection and generate insights, is still at a niche stage in India due to various challenges such as lack of clarity on what to prioritise and right talent and skills, says a new report.

Technical challenges of connectivity, compatibility, interoperability, and cybersecurity are other challenges that are holding back IoT adoption in India, according to the report released by Deloit Read More...

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NEW DELHI: Google Search is one of the biggest and most used products by the firm. The application is something that is used on a daily basis by millions of users. What powers it is a complex set of algorithms. These not only act when showing thousands of relative results in ‘0.03’ seconds but also power the platform’s autocomplete predictions, making the entire search experience better and quicker.
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THE growing industry of internet-enabled gadgets and smart devices loosely dubbed the internet of things (IoT) is tipped to be worth tens of billions of dollars to the Australian economy in the coming decade.

It’s been described as the next industrial revolution and while there are immense challenges and security concerns attached to the IoT wave, industry experts are urging Australia to capitalise on the burgeoning technology.

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When I am at work, I worry incessantly about my daughter left alone at home with a nanny. I can perhaps install a CCTV at home to watch over her but that may not be a practical solution as I cannot be glued to the monitor while I am at work. But it would be great if I could receive an alert each time she moved close to an electric switch or the cooking range or wandered onto the balcony. I could t...


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