Hospitality Solution

Hospitality Solution

Acertec design complete customise solution for hospitality customers. Apart from access control, IT networking and surveillance, our engineering team develop customise solution to handle hotel WIFI integrating with Opera or third-party software.

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RFID hotel locks
WIFI Solution
PMS Integration
Fire Alarm System
PA System
AV Solution
Access Control
CCTV System

RFID hotel locks

Electronic hotel room locking solution provide contactless RFID technology to enhance guest convenience and improve operational efficiency. IT consist of RFID card which stores data of hotel room no, guest check in time and guest check out time. Hotel lock automatically stop access if guest try to access door after checking out. Complete programming is done with the help of front desk access control software or PMS software integrated with RFID programming device.






WIFI integration with PMS

In recent years, reliable Wi-Fi has become one of the most important amenities for hotel guests. Acertec Wi-Fi solution disrupts traditional hotel WLAN deployments by combining AP management, tiered Wi-Fi service, user policy enforcement, and PMS integration all in one solution. Compared to the separated gateway and controller architecture, Acertec design greatly reduces deployment costs and simplifies network management. Additional guest Wi-Fi features such as social media login, ticket printer integration, and on-demand accounts provides hotels with numerous ways to offer Wi- Fi to their guests.

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