IT Solution

IT Solution

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Solution which connect whole world is nothing, but network and backbone of this computer network is develop using all types of IT products. Those IT products are segregated in two categories active and passive. Active products are one who actively work in switching, routing and handling IT data and passive product is non-electrical media to transfer IT data.
Active IT equipment’s are all networking and security devices like router, switch, firewall, Access point, server, storages, UPS etc.
Passive IT equipment’s consist of all type of networking cable including network rack, patch panel and I/O to connect all active It equipment’s.



Device which acts as a communicator between LAN and WAN.



Equipment which helps to communicate with all IT equipment present is LAN.



Device which protects LAN connected equipment from external hackers.



System where IT applications are hosted or store.



Application which safeguard note book, computers and servers from external virus.

Microsoft License

Acertec is authorise Microsoft partner to guide and sell all Microsoft license require at corporates and academy. We have our Microsoft qualified team not only suggest but helps clients to get proper Microsoft license require at his organisation.

  • Microsoft AEP partner
  • Microsoft paper license
  • Microsoft box license
  • Microsoft server license


Firewall is network base device which helps keeping hackers and unwanted users accessing any LAN premises. Advantage of Firewall :

  • Network Security
  • Network monitoring
  • User wise access rights
  • Restrict un-wanted sites
  • Bandwidth management.

The Ultimate For Your Business

We have expert team who design flexible solutions that help control future maintenance costs. Our planning and design can help you:

  • Create efficient network
  • Install energy efficient equipment to reduce overall energy consumption
  • Maintain, repair and automate IT as well as other essential equipment
  • Optimize plan that drive result for your business​

We provide best services. . with best price

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