Wireless Solution

Wireless Solution

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As whole world is moving towards mobility for which strong wireless LAN connectivity need to be design, which should support seamless connectivity for all hand held mobile gadgets which can be in any range from 2.5GHz to 5 GHz handling 802.11 b/g/n or even 802.11 AC protocol. Best connectivity can only be obtained with best wireless planning and design team. Wireless designer should be familiar with RF spectrum and attenuation level as per site infrastructure.
Beyond this designer should be familiar with all wireless protocols which helps him to design strong network. Wireless LAN can be hotspot for users to access internet or can be point to point which is usually called P2P connectivity for connecting two remote locations.

Hotspot Network


This is usually called WIFI connectivity which helps user to access wireless LAN with all his wireless gadgets like cell phones, Tablets and laptops as per authorization.

Point to point network


This is usually called P2P connectivity where IT authorise person need to bring remote location in same LAN. Point to point can be done even up to 250Km if line of sight is clear.

WIFI Campus:

Strong wireless internet bandwidth is todays need of every academy not only for their faculty but more for their students. Today 90% of knowledge are gain from internet and even beyond this many academic applications right from syllabus, library to exams are conducted over internet for which student makes use of their personal gadgets like Laptop, Tablets and Mobile.
In huge campus its very important to plan WIFI devices in proper manner not only to cover whole campus but to make sure all connected users should get proper bandwidth without loosing connectivity while moving from one location of campus to another location of campus.


Design of city WIFI is one of most challenging task as city traffic is always unpredictable. Plenty of factors need to be consider right from peak hour movement, most dense area, AP mounting feasible location, average atmosphere, power supply, road permissions and many more. Its very important to plan proper enterprise WIFI devices and controller to manage bandwidth and roaming.
As all major counties are moving towards digitalization where major transactions, location, information’s are mange by all mobile gadgets. 802.11 networking standards provide high-speed Internet access within the city at free or low cost compared to standard broadband or internet service provider.

WIFI Office

One of the challenging design is WIFI for office where only proper enterprise access points need to plan but also proper site survey need to be done as Cabins, beams and walls are major obstacle for WIFI, where major attenuation of single take place. Proper planning is must to design strong network WIFI to cover all require location.
Depend on office area and WIFI accessing users AP brand and model need to plan. For big offices heat map is design with help of site layout and survey tool, which help design engineer to properly plan WIFI location.

Our design teams

We not only have strong wireless designing team, but we have all require equipment’s needed for survey site. While planning to deploy a WIFI network, our team first determine the number of clients you expect to serve, the amount of throughput you want the network to provide, the type of traffic you expect on the network, the amount of throughput you want the network to provide, and the number of access points you need and even very important to optimize the network they properly plan the location where mounting AP can be done.

Advantages of WIFI network

  • Convenience. – Helps user to access network any convenient location.
  • Mobility – User can access data with our signal loss even while walking.
  • Productivity- Save time and increase productivity.
  • Expandability- Expansion in future can be done very easily.
  • Cost.: 40% of LAN cable and other active equipment can be saved.

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